Beautycon Summer 2016: Unboxing Video

Hey Dolls!

Below you will find my unboxing video for Beautycon’s Kandee Johnson Summer 2016 beauty box. This video is longer than I had anticipated but I couldn’t find the heart to cut out all the “fluff” like in the last video since so many of these products were amazing.

I would highly recommend this beauty box!

FabFitFun Summer 2016: Unboxing

Hi Dolls!

Below you will find my first ever YouTube video of me unboxing the FabFitFun Summer 2016 box! The above image is my test for the NYX lipstick/lipliner duo. LOVED IT!


I’m wanting to create additional videos for you but with the goal that my videos will be no longer than 10 minutes. I was cutting it pretty close with this video.


Hope you love watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it.