Polyvore’s Gone?!

I’ve finally managed to catch up in life and get back to doing what I love best…talking about makeup! So, as I’m reintroducing myself to all my platforms, I discovered that one of my favorite beauty platforms is gone.

Polyvore was founded in 2007 and at one time had over 20 million users (back in 2016). You can imagine my surprise when I read (from Wikipedia of course) that in April 2018, Polyvore was bought out by a company called SSENSE and has since (pun intended) ceased operation completely.

So, sad! 😦

However, after some browsing on the internet, I found a new home for all my Polyvore-like creations. I’m hoping to move my content/creations to a new platform called FashMates. You can find my profile here: https://www.fashmates.com/shop-section-browse/dolledupwithdolle/looks

Overall, I shouldn’t say that I expected Polyvore to remain an active site forever. Just look at sites like Picnik (now PicMonkey). All good things eventually come to an end. However, it was still a rude surprise coming back to this blog and discovering that just about every post I submitted included 10+ deadlinks.

I will remain positive about this transition and as I give this blog a new, fresh approach, it looks like that same freshness will be applied to my creations.

Hope to see you on FashMates,

❤ Beth Dolle

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