Punderdome (Review)

Punderdome: A Card Game for Pun Lovers

This game is very similar to the Cards Against Humanities and Apples to Apples games which usually require a lot of mental and creative thinking. I think the trick to this game is you have to already have a funny personality or at least a good sense of humor. It was created by Fred Firestone and Jo Firestone (father-daughter duo).

Basically, you draw two cards and have 90 seconds to come up with a pun that uses the two words. Then, everyone votes on who has the best pun in which they receive both cards as their “prize” (or at least to help them keep track of their winnings). Who ever has 10 pairs wins! It’s that easy.

What I liked about this game is that technically you don’t have to devote game time to play. This game works as a conversation starter and is more fun to play when you are waiting at a restaurant with a bunch of friends or during a long car ride. It helps speed time and makes for some excellent inside jokes for later events.

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(c) Punderdome

This game is also more “kid/parent” friendly. While I love Cards Against Humanities, sometimes the adult jokes are what makes the game funny. With Punderdome, puns are just funny and cheesy in general which makes it more fun to play with kids or your grandparents.

There are 200 cards so your odds of getting the same pair are really low. Which means more fun puns!

Check out this awesome video created by papercuts for more information on Punderdome:

Disclaimer: I received this game from Blogging for Books, in exchange for this honest review.


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