Hi all! Earlier in December I posted a Snow White look using Polyvore! Here’s the image to remind you:


Snow White is one of my favorite fairy tales; especially the Brother’s Grimm version. To me, Snow White’s story is a lesson that beauty isn’t everything. The Grimm version talks about how the Wicked Queen tried to kill Snow White three times (four if you count her sending the Huntsman after her). Yet, the story ends with promise of love for Snow White and her new prince. However, did anyone ever think of what happened to the Wicked Queen after Snow White awoke from her deep sleep?

Anyways, I decided to film a brief video of my demonstration of this Snow White look. This is my first makeup tutorial and I wanted to include a voice over but my iPhone audio file did not want to work with Camtastia. So, instead, I just stuck with some nice music and pretty banners.


♥ ~ Dolle


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