Weekly Workout Playlist: January Part 1

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to work out more. I already try to be active (especially since I have an office job and sit most of the day) but my typical workout routine was often dry and included short workout moves found from fitness magazines. Since I can’t afford a gym membership, I decided to use one of my favorite places to find fun workouts – YouTube! So, for this week, these are my favorite workout videos and what my reaction to them are when doing them.

January 1st: Five Park Yoga’s Invigorating Morning Flow Yoga Class

This workout is a 38-minute yoga workout. I liked the idea of this video and thought the instruction was easy to understand, however,  I haven’t taken a yoga class before so this workout was a little more advanced than I was expecting. I’ll admit, I wasn’t able to go quite as fast as the instructor so I sort of lagged behind. I do like the instruction style so while I don’t plan on using this video again, I will consider looking into more of their workout videos.

January 2nd: Stylecraze Fitness’s Pilates for Beginners at Home in 30 minutes

I really liked the instructor of this video and thought she did an outstanding job describing how to do each motion. However, I had the opposite issue with this video that I had with the previous. This video was for beginners and I felt that it was a little too easy. I went through the full 30 minutes and after I didn’t feel any different, almost to the point that I thought I might need another workout. I would like to look at more of Stylecraze Fitness’s videos and might consider this video again but as a warmup/cooldown.

January 3rd: BeFit’s Julian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

This video has been my favorite so far! The workout was challenging but I liked that there were a few alternative levels if specific moves were too difficult. For the most part, I could keep up with the beginner level but was excited when I was able to manage a few of the advanced moves. I wouldn’t say this workout made me drench with sweat but it got my heart beat going and my muscles felt great after.

January 4th: No Internet! We’ve been having issues with our ISP since the start of the year but today we couldn’t get anything to connect. Today, I had to improvise with the moves I remember doing in Julian Michaels’ video yesterday. I could only remember 10-minutes worth of motions so I hopped on my spin bike and did a 20-minute spin routine I had used before.

January 5th: FitnessBlender’s 32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

This was another one of my favorite videos this week! The pacing was really fast but very effective and I really like the layout and editing of the video. In this video, you alternative moves in an ABAB style and the video usually gives you a 10-second video in the corner of the previous move so that you can be prepared to jump right in and keep going. This is a video I would do again in a heartbeat.

January 6th: I had house guests over at the last minute so I didn’t have time to do a workout. Instead, I started day one from this 30 Day BedTime Workout Challenge from FemaleFitBody. I follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!

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January 7th: Today is the last weekend for hunting and since I love hiking I decided to dress up in all my gear (about 4 layers of warmth since it was 20 degrees) and go out with him. This resulted in a two-hour trip were half was spent dragging my feet from all the weight of the layers. Somewhere along the line, I got caught on a barbed wire fence and fell pretty hard on my back. No serious injuries, just sore muscles. According to this awesome calorie tracking calculator, said hunting activity resulted in burning 775 calories!

Anyways, I hope that some of these notes inspire you to try these videos or YouTube channels!

♥ – Dolle



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