Unboxing Yuzen: Winter 2015 Box

I’ve tried several different beauty box companies (Glossybox, Itsy, Beauty Army, etc.) and while I really love those boxes, Yuzen has always been my favorite. I appreciate the thought that goes into the selection of products and that Jen and Ted include a reason for their selection for each product. Many of these products are organic, eco-friendly and most of the products are cruelty-free (products are not tested on animals).

{Above is the intro video to Yuzen’s Winter 2015 Box. Source: Yuzen.com}

The following includes my first impression (and first testing) for each product.

1. SALUS Organic Lotion Bar

I haven’t tried this product yet but one thing is for sure, this lotion bar smells amazing. It has a light, lemon smell that would be great on a gloomy day when you need a little pick-me-up smell. The product comes in a neat, metal tin that makes the bar mess free.

The tins are usually priced at $7.75 and the website is pretty easy to maneuver around.

2. THE TEA ROOM CHOCOLATE COMPANY Dark Organic Chocolate Bar Infused with Green Earl Grey Tea

I always love when beauty boxes include chocolate. It’s like these companies really know how women work. I haven’t tried this chocolate yet because I wanted to share it with my husband. While the packaging for the chocolate is adorable, the website is a little on the “outdated” side. It is easy to find the products on the website but the layout and color scheme isn’t as attractive as the chocolate bar packaging.

The chocolate bars are listed at $3.29 each or 5 for $15.00.

3. CO-PUR Facial Scrub + Mask

This facial scrub and mask was one of my favorite products in this box. The feel that the company, Destiny and Michael, created a great idea of putting the product in a powder form. You sprinkle a little amount into the palm of your hand and add some

Facial Scrub - new label.jpg
{Co-Pur Facial Scrub + Mask – Image from Co-Pur’s website]

 water until the powder becomes a nice paste. You apply the paste onto your face and leave it their for 10-15 minutes. I like that the product is a powder because it allows for me to control how much I use. My husband tried this scrub with me and he really liked it. The product has a bit of a musky smell to it but it’s still pleasant.

The website is also a really clean design that matches the product packaging. Yet, the descriptions for the products aren’t always consistent. The product I used has the price but the amount isn’t listed, just shown in the picture. Another product I was looking at was the Makeup Remover  which does include the amount for the price but doesn’t list the ingredients like the Facial Scrub does. The product I used is listed at $24.00 for 3 oz.

4. KIMBERLY PARRY ORGANICS Sweet Orange & Cranberry Scrub

My first reaction for this product was slight disgust. I love the smell of oranges and my first reaction to this product was “this is not what oranges smell like”. The smell wasn’t so much citrus as it was sweet. Yet, I tried the product later and the smell started to really grow on me.

The product is listed at $40.00 for 4 oz. While I did like that the product was a dry scrub and wasn’t gooey like many scrubs that I’ve used, the smell wouldn’t be my first pick. The product also comes in a lavender scent that I think I would have preferred more. The website also is well designed. It has a great layout that many users will find easy to use. I also am interested in their men’s care line.

5. LEVEL NATURALS Organic Menthol + Cucumber Shower Bomb

I have used Level Naturals Shower Bomb’s before and I can tell you that these things are truly amazing. My husband and I get really bad sinus infections during the winter season and dropping one of these in the shower really helps.

The website is really organized and provides tons of detail about each product. The “bombs” are usually 4 for $8.00 which is a decent price. Sometimes I just break one in half to stretch the product out but using the full product is still more affective.

{Velvet Magnolia – Image from Black Dahlia website}

6. BLACK DAHLIA Nail Lacquer
Yay, nail polish! While the color isn’t really my color (I prefer matte colors) it’s still really pretty. I received the Velvet Magnolia color (pictured at right) and the packaging is decent. The shape of the bottle is elegant and easy to hold when you are trying to apply the product with the non-dominant hand.

However, the product is $10.75. OPI nail polish usually runs at $10-$12 (which is one of the more high end companies). I usually prefer Avon’s Speed-Dry (usually $6.00 but they always have amazing deals) so this product is a little more than I would pay for nail polish.

7. SANITAS SKINCARE Oil Free Moisturizer
This product claims to work well for people with oily skin (which would be me) and I will admit that the product didn’t feel like it sat on my face like most do. I felt the product really absorbed into my skin and a clean scent to it.

This product is $30.00 for 50 ML. However, this moisturizer won’t be something I purchase myself because while the product worked well, I had to use 4-5 pumps to cover my face. The container has about 50 ML but the amount I had to use and the amount my husband had to use (about 7 pumps, he has really dry skin and it just absorbed the product).

8. 21 DROPS “Sleep” Essential Oil Blend

This is my favorite product of the group. 21 Drops has been on my radar already and on my list of products to try so I was extremely excited to get a trial product in this box (I’d say, for me, this product alone paid for the subscription. Especially since the subscription may seem like one of the more expensive). Scents have always been really affective on me. Often times they are what makes or breaks a product. Even if the product is amazing and works wonders, if the smell starts to get to me than the product has to go. The blend in this “Sleep” oil blend is really light and I rubbed it on my wrists a few hours before bed. I would say the product worked really well, since I feel asleep the minute I went to bed and slept all night.

The product is $29.00 for 25 ML but the product seems to go a ways since the product is applied by rubbing a little ball that’s in the tube. Since I love this product so much I think I’m going to purchase the “Headache”, “Focus”, and maybe even the “Digest”.

Overall, I’d say this box earned a full 5 out of 5 stars. While I haven’t tried the chocolate, my hopes are still pretty high that it will be as wonderful as the rest of the products.


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